Frequently Asked Questions

IPTV is essentially the delivery of media content, videos or live television over an IP network. This can either use the public internet or a private local area network (LA) or wide area network (WAN). An IPTV service can be delivered to an IP enabled TV, mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC and can be easily incorporated into a video on demand solution.

It does not matter where are you located, our service is world wide.

There are a lot of devices that support the IPTV protocol and we support all of them, PC, Android devices, Mag, Smart TV, Enigma, etc. And obviously an internet connection.

No. But we also offer different packages to use our service in more than one device simultaneously.

Usually you get them instantly, sometimes the process could take a bit longer, please allow us a couple of minutes.

We recommend around 10 mbps.

We highly recommend Ethernet.

We do our best to keep them all in order, some may be unavailable due to technical issues or maintenance, it is worth mentioning that the list of channels could be modified without  prior notice.

Yes. All our subscribes have access to our EPG service, this is an extra feature that we provide at no extra cost; however no all the channels have this feature.

For the moment you can pay through paypal or with credit card.

Refunds are not provided, please read the Terms and Conditions of the service.

Our rating is 99.98% up time however like any other service sometimes it needs to update, back up or get into maintenance.

Let us know, we will do out best to fix the issue as soon as possible.

The EPG service is a free extra feature that we provide, not all the channels count with it.

If you misuse your account, for example, try to stream simultanously in more devices that correspond to your subscription or use it in a server.